Preserve brand reputation by creating a better exit experience
for employees who are leaving and those who are staying.

After evaluating industry best practices, Onwards HR developed a five-step separation process to create a better exit experience for employees and employers alike. Through seamless execution and thorough communication, we help employers preserve brand reputation. This isn’t just about impacted employees, either; unaffected employees are watching, too. By fine-tuning your offboarding process, you can turn exiting employees into brand ambassadors.

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Our severance manager makes it easier than ever to offer severance benefits to your impacted employees. Severance pay and outplacement benefits are automatically calculated for each employee based on company policies and event specifics. Even if it’s not required, severance benefits can make a positive last impression while also reducing risk.

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Workforce reductions aren’t easy, but they can certainly be less complicated. By automating administrative tasks, you can spend more time focused on the personal aspect. Impacted employees will have questions about things like insurance and vacation payout, so communication is key to successful offboarding.

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