• Sarah Rodehorst

Onwards HR Launches its Patent Pending Severance Automation Manager (SAM)

Updated: Jan 26

Helps Employers Streamline RIF Events and Minimize Litigation Risk

ATLANTA, March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Onwards HR, formerly ePerkz, announced today the launch of its patent pending Severance Automation Manager (SAM), the first end-to-end separation automation platform that helps employers minimize the risk of litigation following a reduction in force (RIF). SAM helps businesses manage RIF events smarter, faster and in compliance with employment laws.

Since most HRIS systems have limited severance automation functionality, Human Resources (HR) bears the burden of manually calculating severance, creating agreements, and supplying Legal with an audit trail in the event the company is sued.

"RIF events are an unfortunate part of operating a successful business. Managing the process with spreadsheets and emails makes the whole experience that much worse for HR," said Sarah Rodehorst, Managing Director of Onwards HR. "At Onwards HR, our mission is to simplify the process, improve compliance and make the experience as painless as possible for all involved."

The SAM platform provides a collaborative environment that enables faster modeling and processing of RIF events. HR, Finance, Legal and Management gain a 360° view into past and future events from which they can draw insights to improve processes and business decisions.

There are many employment laws with which employers must comply. In the U.S. alone, organizations must comply with civil rights laws and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). Under Canadian provincial law, employees involved in a RIF must be given notice or be paid in lieu of notice and what is considered sufficient notice varies by province.

Sarah continues, "Employment laws are complicated and noncompliance is costly. Our clients use SAM because it saves HR time, money and headaches, while giving Legal peace of mind that the organization's litigation risk is minimized."

After a successful pilot in 2019, over 60 HR, Finance and Legal professionals use SAM to manage RIF events. SAM has calculated and generated agreements for over $6M of severance benefits to date.

About Onwards HR Onwards HR helps organizations manage human capital risk. We empower businesses to conduct consistent and compliant separations using our analytics-driven management platform. Our five-step process leverages integrated workflows, decision support tools, and advanced analytics to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and minimize risk. The result is a streamlined separation process that creates a positive experience for employers and employees alike as they move onwards.