Limit financial impact by accelerating separation events and avoiding litigation, allowing for greater productivity across the board.

By using automated tasks and intuitive, exception-based workflows, we help boost your staff’s productivity while yielding faster turnaround times for reductions in force (RIFs). Onwards HR saves money by promoting collaboration and reducing time spent generating notices and severance agreements, so you can quickly get back to business.

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Time is money when it comes to signed separation agreements. Clients using Onwards HR have reduced processing time by 75%, saving on payroll and benefits costs. Data aggregation fosters better collaboration and easier decision making. Plus, our automated platform enables you to generate separation agreements in seconds rather than days.



By leveraging automation where possible, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks. Say goodbye to the days of mail merge because Onwards HR produces notices and severance agreements at the click of a button. Our platform improves workflow and streamlines the process, enabling business continuity during times of change.

 Scales of Justice


A single case of discrimination can quickly turn into a million-dollar mistake. Our built-in Adverse Impact Analysis and WARN Act Evaluator make compliance easy. Additionally, by building thorough documentation throughout the process, you’ll be prepared for any audits or legal proceedings. The cost of inaction is more than the cost of action. 

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