Automate separations and mitigate human capital risk

with data transparency 

Even though businesses can't always avoid separations, they can control how they manage them with Onwards HR. 

Our Five-Step Separation Process

Onwards HR helps organizations manage human capital risk. We empower businesses to conduct clear, compassionate, and compliant separations using our analytics-driven separation management platform. Our five-step separation process leverages integrated workflows, decision-making tools, and advanced analytics to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and minimize risk. The result is a streamlined separation process that creates a positive experience for you and your employees – as you both move onwards.

The nation's largest employers trust Onwards HR to automate employee separations so they can focus on what really matters: a smooth and supportive employee exit experience.

$15M Severance Benefits Calculated

Consistently comply with employment laws

Analyze all past, current, and upcoming severance events for compliance with WARN, ADEA, ADA, and Title VII.




& Reporting

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